What You Need To Know About Live Bee Removal Services

Bees are small creatures that are misunderstood that are attracted to the flowers that grow in home gardens and the wilderness. They are often feared or regarded as a nuisance due to their stings, yet at the same time, these creatures are hardly aggressive provided you do not pose a threat to their activities or their nest.

On the odd occasion, they will build a hive or a nest near to or on a home, which can increase the risk of a dangerous attack should you or your family members get too near the hive and the bees start to feel like they are under threat. Homeowners are known for turning to exterminators in these situations which may appear to be a fast solution that seems to be easier than live bee removal and relocation services. However, the advantage of using the right bee removal experts is that the bees are removed and relocated without causing any harm to these important creatures.

Bees Play A Vital Role When It Comes To Pollinating Plants

Unfortunately over the years, the bee populations have decreased due to expanding cities along with new dwelling construction. The wilderness areas were they used to build their nests and hives have started to dwindle, which is why they have started creating their nests near or on buildings in order to survive as a species. It is our responsibility to the environment and to the bee populations to follow a more compassionate approach when it comes to solving live bee issues by hiring a bee removal service that specializes in live bee removal.

How Does Live Bee Removal And Relocation Work?

Bee removal experts will never use vacuums or chemicals in order to remove bees. Instead, they remove the nest or hive very carefully by hand. They will also clean all the areas thoroughly to ensure that none of the hive structure or any honey residue is left. The bees are then relocated to an appropriate environment such as local beekeepers. This approach leaves the bees with a place where they can continue to live and thrive.

Swarm Relocations And Removals For A Tree Or Bush

Humane bee removal companies also provide services that involve safely removing and relocating swarms of bees that hang from bushes or trees. If the swarm has only just arrived, there is no reason to be alarmed as the bees have no babies or honeycomb which means they do not have a reason to be aggressive or territorial. However, it is still important to stay away from the swarm. Call your local bee removal experts to have the bees removed by hand, where the swarm will be relocated to another suitable environment.

If you require a service to remove unwanted beehives, nests, or swarms, rather go for a live removal service instead of extermination which not only kills the bees but also involves dangerous chemicals and pesticides. The bees play a vital role not only for our planet but also for people, and food crops.

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