Bee Removal Information

Great Tips On Bee Removal Information That You Can Use

If you’ve noticed a buzzing or constant humming sound coming from inside one of your walls, you may just have a bee infestation. They can move in rather rapidly, sometimes all in a day, but most likely they’ve been there awhile and you just didn’t notice them. They tend to go dormant in the cooler months of winter, so they’re very quiet then. They’ll get more active in the spring and summer when all the flowers are out. Here is some bee removal information that you can use.

Take Care That You Don’t Really Have A Yellow Jacket Nest

There is a type of wasp, usually called a Yellow Jacket, that have very similar markings as a honey bee. However, instead of eating nectar, making honey, and pollinating flowers, Yellow Jackets like to eat meat, other insects, and they like sugar as well. They also sting with little provocation, can sting multiple times, and can be aggressive.

The best way to determine what you have is to first look carefully at some images online. You’ll note that honey bees are very furry and hairy insects, while Yellow Jackets are smooth and brighter colored. If in doubt, capture one and look at it under a magnifying glass to be sure.

The reason that it makes a difference is that there isn’t really any reason to call a bee removal specialist to take care of any kind of wasp. A pest control operator will drill a couple of small holes and fumigate the entire nest in a few minutes.

Bees, on the other hand, are very beneficial insects that are in jeopardy of extinction now. If there is any chance you can save the entire hive, it’s worth a shot.

When It Comes To Bee Removal Information, Go With Specialists

Most pest control companies don’t know how to handle bees, other than just killing them. If you ask, they really don’t like to deal with them at all. On the other hand, a lot of bee removal professionals only work with bees and they have special places that they take the hives so they can continue living and assisting nature with pollination.

Bee removal technicians will have all the right clothing for the job. That includes a complete bee suit, you may have seen them on TV. Then, they’ll also have a special smoker that they can use to calm the bees while they extract the queen. Where the queen goes, the rest of the hive will follow, so that is the key to moving them.

If you live in a wooded area, the bee removal personnel can just move the queen to a nearby site, then block their return to your home. This is the best option since most of the bees will be saved and they’ll still be in the same area to pollinate flowers, fruit trees, and other plants that need them to survive.

If you think you have a bee problem, you can do your own investigating to start. But if you’re afraid of bees and wasps, you might be better off calling in the pros to begin with. They’re experts and will know exactly what they’re dealing with and how to solve the problem in quick order.