When It’s Time To Call A Bee Exterminator

bee exterminator

When you find a bee hive on your property, you might debate about whether or not it needs to be removed. You would probably breathe easier around your home knowing that it was gone and no one would risk being stung, but then again, removing it can be a stressful experience and expense you don’t want to waste money on. Keep reading to learn about the specific circumstances in which you need to call in a bee exterminator.

If you, anyone in your family, a frequent guest or even a neighbor is allergic to bees, then you need to have a professional come in and deal with the hive. Individuals allergic to bee stings can suffer reactions that range from unpleasant to unconsciousness to even being fatal, depending on the level of allergy and how much venom they are stuck with.

If you have pets that ever get outside, then you also have another reason to get rid of a bee hive. Curious animals might notice the scent or taste of honey and start exploring the hive, having no idea what response might be awaiting them within the honeycomb. Spare your kittie or pooch the pain and suffering, as well as sparing your wallet the trip to the vet. The price of a bee exterminator can often be much cheaper than your pet’s medication and doctor bills.

The placement of a bee hive also matters. In urban areas, or homes with small yards and lots of foot traffic, removal is usually a good idea, even if the hive is not on or in a home’s actual structure. Alternatively, some rural estates, such as farms, might choose to leave hives that are on the property edges or in natural areas, just to keep handy pollinators around for plant purposes. However, this is a rare exception to the rule.

Anytime you find a hive on or inside the physical structure of your home, the hive needs to be dealt with. While a bee hive might not look very big, it can hold tens of pounds of honey, which for all its sweet taste is very destructive to the interior structures of homes and buildings.

Even if you’re concerned with the national decline of the honey bee population, don’t let your commitment to the environment prevent you from calling in a professional for a consultation. If it turns out that your local hive is honey bees, many bee exterminator services are actually able and quite willing to salvage such hives and relocate them to some place where they can remain useful but far away from you.

If it turns out that your hive is bumble bees, ground bees or especially carpenter bees, then you need to have the hive and population within dealt with promptly. Calling in a bee professional promptly can spare your home and family unfortunate incidents and leave your future free of events that might sting. When you see a hive on your property, have it reviewed and removed if necessary.