A Brief History Of Africanized Bees And Their Journey To The United States

africanized bees

If you have heard about Africanized bees in conversation or the news only once or twice, you might not know what they are, where they are from, or what they are doing. For a brief history of them and the growing threat they pose, keep reading the following paragraphs. Africanized bees are also known as […]

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Bee Hive Removal

bee hive removal

If you have one on your property, then bee hive removal seems like an obvious thing to do. Life can seem a lot more pleasant without bees around. However, before you actually remove the hive, there are questions you need to ask yourself before you actually decide to do it. Keep reading to learn what […]

When It’s Time To Call A Bee Exterminator

bee exterminator

When you find a bee hive on your property, you might debate about whether or not it needs to be removed. You would probably breathe easier around your home knowing that it was gone and no one would risk being stung, but then again, removing it can be a stressful experience and expense you don’t […]

Bee Pest Control Done Well

bee pest control done well

Among all of the pests, you will ever get a chance to encounter, it is bees that are deadly and can cause a significant amount of trouble for you and the property. Bees take it all out on you with their buzzing and it can be rather irritating. It is not just the irritating nature […]

Tips For Bee Removal

bee removal

Summer is a warm, inviting time of the year, where the weather is good and it’s a great time to be outside, whether it’s traveling cross country or simply lounging in your backyard. However, the warm season is not without its hazards. From large scale disasters drought and wildfires to more personal issues such as […]